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TBM, NET & CRA Techniques

TBM (Total Body Modification) and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) are Kinesiologic or muscle testing techniques that are based in eastern (Acupuncture and Meridian) therapies.

This is done without needles. Instead, adjustments are done on the meridians to balance the body and help it to grow healthier. Acupuncture points, associated with different organs and glands are held while a muscle is tested. If the test shows weak, an adjustment is done to the paired meridian that parallels the spine while adjusting the spine at the same time.

TBM focuses on balancing organs and glands. NET works to separate negative emotions from our physical self, so that they do not have an adverse reaction on our bodies.

CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) is similar in it’s testing, but focuses on using nutrition to correct problems in the body.

With this combination of techniques and in conjunction with regular chiropractic adjusting we are able to address a broader range of problems.

These techniques are not perfect and don’t always work 100% of the time, but they are highly successful. These are very non-invasive techniques with little or no side effects.

Providing Comprehensive Health Care for People of All Ages

Dr. Sigman’s purpose is to help people of all ages – from infants to seniors – restore and maintain function and balance in their bodies. He takes a comprehensive and integrative approach to health care.  Dr Sigman helps people remove obstacles – structural, nutritional or energetic – that interfere with health.

This approach emphasizes the power of personal responsibility for health and wellness, in a culture that is often counterproductive to our well-being. Although many of his patients experience rapid resolution of their pain and other symptoms, Dr. Sigman’s approach does not offer a “quick-fix.” Rather he works in partnership with his patients, providing knowledge and encouraging self-awareness to help them maintain their health.

Meridian Therapies

The most commonly asked question I get is, “How Do These Meridian Therapies Work?”

And yes, this is a great question and not easy to explain. So this is my best explanation. I think of the body as a bioelectric computer, and would it not be great if there was a key board to the computer that we are. The answer is that the MERIDIAN SYSTEM IS THE KEYBOARD. This means we can use the meridian system to access our hard drive so to speak, so that much like a computer we can change faulty programs in our systems that help us to feel better or achieve some other goal. There are points for every organ, gland or system in the body in the techniques that we use, so that we are able to ask if something is in or out of balance. For example, if someone presents with a respiratory problem, we can check their respiratory system, lungs, bronchial, and then cross check all these with say pathogens like bacteria, virus, or allergies. We then make corrections based on what we find. If someone may present with hormone or endocrine problems. We can check their endocrine system, pituitary, hormones, allergies to their hormones, and other reproductive problems to help with infertility or difficult menstrual cycles.

Someone may present with stress or neurologic problems. We can check nervous system, neuro-transmitter system, meningeal system, cerebrospinal fluid and pressure systems and do corrections to help with these things. In the end it takes a good history to first understand what the patient has, figure out what to check and how to best way to treat that individual for their condition.

I must also add, that like most people this did not make any sense to me how this could work and was very put off by how crazy this seemed. It took me a full year on seeing it done and the often amazing results that it achieved before I was able to accept that it actually works.

Neck & Back Pain

We care for all neck and back pain conditions whether from injury or chronic repetitive motion. We do a thorough exam and history to determine what is causing the pain to your neck and back and then take a comprehensive treatment plan of gentle chiropractic care to resolve your condition. We work with motor vehicle accident, sports injuries and work comp. injuries.

Alternative & Holistic Health Care

At Family Chiropractic, we offer a variety of alternative and holistic health care techniques. We provide a couple of kinesiology techniques based on the acupuncture system. They are Total Body Modification and Neuro Emotional Technique. These techniques allow us to work on an wide range of conditions such as digestive problems, hormone and endocrine imbalance and allergy elimination, just to name a few.

Massage Therapy

At Family Chiropractic we offer massage therapy. Our massage therapist is trained in several massage techniques but specializes in Ashiatsu Barefoot message, where the feet are used to provide a deep and therapeutic massage unlike anything you have had before.