Since seeing Dr. Sigman my life has totally changed! With his help and caring approach to health, I've done a total 360. I hadn't had a real night sleep for over a decade because of stress and pain. After my first set of adjustments my pain in my back and chest was gone and l didn't have any more episodes of exercise induced asthma. The pain from arthritis in my thumbs and knees has been greatly controlled with regular visits. Since breaking my pelvis about 10 years ago one leg gets longer and Dr. Sigman can show me the difference when he adjusts that. I thank God every day for sending me this angel at the perfect time for me to get back to being healthy!

Joey B

I'd probably be bedridden with my Fibromyalgia if it wasn't for Dr. Sigman. He has helped me so much with my allergies, too. As a doctor, he's very gentle and kind.

Sarah M.

I think Dr. Sigman is an excellent chiropractor. He understands the method of treatment for my illness, MS. I've seen Dr. Sigman in addition to my family doctor with great results. After seeing him, the numbness in my fingers and toes went away completely. Anytime I have pain in my back, I just go to him for one or two treatments, at the most, and I'm good again!

My family and friends go to Dr. Sigman now, too, and they keep going, just like me.

Ross M.

I used to suffer daily with sinus headaches due to congestion caused by allergies. I was so allergic to aspirin and the foods that naturally contain the same compounds that I had gone into anaphylactic shock. After being treated by Dr. Sigman the allergies along with the headaches are gone.

My daughter would immediately begin to sneeze uncontrollably and her eyes would water if she was even in a home that had a cat. After one treatment with Dr. Sigman she is now able to hold and play with cats without any symptoms.

Cheryl K.

I was suffering from migraines, blurred vision, constant flu-like symptoms, and exhaustion. It became impossible to function normally. I consulted two medical doctors and one specialist, who tested me for many things including MS and lupus. The prescribed everything from antibiotics to anti-depressants.

When I went to Dr. Sigman, he said, 'We are going to figure out what's wrong with you today?' We talked and he tested me. Within an hour he figured out that I was being chemically poisoned at work because of poor ventilation. The fumes from the beauty shop next door caused a severe allergic reaction. At first I went to Dr. Sigman twice a week. I would walk in with a migraine, and leave thirty minutes later without it. Due to Dr. Sigman's treatments my allergies are improving.

Dr. Sigman is a compassionate and attentive caregiver. His treatments are unusual, yes, but also gentle, noninvasive, and most important highly effective.

Dr. Sigman is attentive; he listens and is very gentle and caring. I told other medical doctors the same thing, and they didn't take the time. Dr. Sigman was the answer to my prayers. After ten years, he is still listening when I have a problem. He treats it and it's better!

Now, my husband, a long-haul truck driver, goes to him-so does my daughter and mother.

Barbara M

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