Chiropractic Benefits


Most medical doctors direct their diagnosis and treatment toward disease, acute infection and serious trauma. However, conventional medicine often doesn’t have the answers for the patient with functional illness, in which the person doesn’t feel well and has any number of symptoms, but does not have a readily diagnosed disease. Often patients complain of chronic headaches, fatigue or back pain, only to be told they are “as healthy as a horse,” or they will “have to live with it” or “it’s in their head.”

Holistic providers are needed to fill in the gaps left by conventional medicine. They are trained to see health issues along a spectrum from optimal health to disease.

Holistic chiropractic care is not a substitute for medical care.

Dr. Sigman’s work complements medical care. It does not take the place of regular medical exams, diagnostic procedures and treatment. Dr. Sigman prefers to provide care in conjunction with the medical community.

By using one or several of the of the different Meridian Techniques, we are able to use the reflex points to ask questions and then treat what  we find. This system works well for finding things that are out of balance and may not show in standard testing. The main techniques that we use are Total Body Modification and Neuro Emotional Technique. These two systems allow us to check the biochemical function, and then the emotional impact that emotions may have on the biochemical activity.

A good example is the thyroid dysfunction, which is common for many women. Standard testing checks only the pituitary’s out put of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Using the Meridian testing, we can check the pituitary, the thyroid and if they are communicating. If any one of these reflexes are present, the thyroid will not work properly. By correcting any or all three of these we can often get the thyroid working properly. Standard testing can not check in this way.

We have had a few hundred patients with labs that showed their thyroid needed medication, but after a few treatments their labs were normal and did not need medication. Also for more chronic thyroid problems, we will find an emotional component that is helping to cause the problem. By addressing the emotional problems the thyroid will function properly now and the chronic problem will end. The great benefit of this is no medication every day that you are now dependent on the rest of your life. Also no medication can do a well as what your body is designed to do. We find very similar conditions through out the Endocrine and hormonal systems.